From the start, Marika Vera brand was conceived with the philosophy to empower women all around the world, to make them explore and feel comfortable with their erotic identity, and to encourage a sex positive view from the feminine and sensual perspective. The brand started in 2010 as a 100% silk lingerie line, but was formaly launched in 2014. We were the pioneers in the offering of designer lingerie and bodysuits in Mexico City. Marika Vera also designs basic pieces of clothing from trousers to blazers that are easy to combine with our best seller bodysuits or intimates, this part of the business has been also very successful because of the practicality of the design as well as its unique cut, that instantly enhance the silhouette of the wearer. 

“My designs are made for the modern woman of today who has a natural sensuality. I believe that femininity and female empowerment can work hand in hand.” 

With love, Marika Vera.